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Mohamed Amin Feki: descendant of one of the godfathers of the olive wood domain Mohamed Mongi Feki who founded the first company in Sfax "La Branche De L'olivier" with his brother Mohamed Habib Feki in 1981.

By taking over after the retirement of the two great Craftsmen and by founding the "SOCIÉTÉ FEKI D’ARTISANAT" in 2012 while basing itself on the know-how accumulated since 1997 and the desire to modernize the craftsmanship to satisfy the customers and conquer other markets apart from France, Italy, Greece and others.

Our company specializes in the manufacture of olive wood items for wholesalers , retailers and resellers ........

our items are handcrafted in olive wood ( shelves , chess game , tables , ashtrays , tunisian mortars , candlesticks ......)

Kitchen items ( bottle holder , mortars , bowls , spoons , ladles , forks , spatulas , saucers , boards , towel holder or paper holder , rolling pin , honey spoon , salad tongs , salt shaker , trays , egg cup , cure holder tooth , pepper mill , dishes , lemon squeezer , corks , spoon jar , cheese boxes , napkin ring , knives , sushi stick ........)

Beauty items ( comb , hair clip ........)

All our products are handmade with 100 % Tunisian olive wood which is the most beautiful and expensive en the world.

Models and sizes are varied according to customer needs.